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Improving Efficiency In Your Home

Improving Home Efficiency

For many homeowners, saving money on heating bills and finding ways to become more energy efficient is high priority.

Alot of homes across the US suffer from poor insulation and ventilation, which doesn’t help with regulating the temperature within the home properly.

Drafts, cold spots and dampness can create heat loss in homes, which contributes to increasing heating bills during the winter. A lack of proper ventilation can cause rooms to become too hot to use in the warmer months and also increases the risk of condensation.

By making home improvements and conserving energy, not only can homeowners reduce carbon footprints, but they can save money in the long run. There are many cost-effective solutions and strategies that are proven to improve the energy efficiency of a home.

Fabric First

When thinking about energy efficient homes, homeowners often look first at different ways of heating the property, such as a new boiler for example. This is important but it’s a good idea to look at the fabric of a property first!

This begins with assessing how air tight a home is and making all the necessary improvements and looking at the thermal performance and energy ratings of installations such as the windows and doors. Upgrading the heating systems should be the final step that’s taken for improving a home’s energy efficiency.

Upgrade the Insulation

Often, homes have old and inefficient insulation, which could be letting alot of heat escape during the cooler winter weather, and this not only has a bad impact on the environment, but it increases heating bills too.

That’s why making sure a home has effective insulation installed is key. There are many ways of insulating methods to choose from, and they all depend on a property and the homeowner’s requirements, including external, internal and cavity wall insulation.

When installed correctly, energy efficient cavity wall insulation can be extremely effective. Cavity wall insulation consists of highly efficient, thermally effective material being blown in between the cavity wall.

Along with the walls in a home, a large percentage of heat loss can occur through the roof, so it’s a good idea to make sure that the attic is fully insulated too.

Replacing Windows

Old windows, along with windows that aren’t installed correctly, are another cause of heat loss and drafts in homes.

Some older windows aren’t efficient, even if they have double glazing. Since Window Energy Ratings (WERs) were introduced, all windows sold by Broadview Windows must meet minimum thermal performance ratings.

The energy ratings of windows are calculated by measuring the heat loss, solar heat gain and U-Values of a fully installed windows, considering elements such as the thermal performance of the window frame, glazing and spacer bar. Combining these together creates an overall rating of how energy efficient the replacement window is.

Choose a Professional Window Installment Company

By taking the ‘fabric first’ approach to creating an energy efficient home, there are plenty of straight forward options that homeowners can follow. Broadview Windows has the best window installers in the Central Ohio area.

To learn more about our wide selection of window replacement options, call Broadview Windows today at (614) 319.4599. You may also use our Quick Quote form to schedule a free in-home consultation. We based in Powell, OH and serve all areas of Central Ohio.



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