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Architectural (Geometric) Window Styles for Your Home

Geometric Window Styles for Your Home

Architectural windows are designed with a specific look and specific function in mind, such as increasing indoor light levels or providing an area for seating that overlooks your yard.   They are not necessarily a type of window as much as they are a style of window.  To add creative interest and increased functionality, consider these window styles offered by Broadview Windows.

Bay or Bow Windows are made up of three windows, one main larger window in the center with two smaller windows angling inward rating a square or polygonal shape.  Where as are typically made up of 4 or more windows creating more of a gentle curve shape.  The large size of these windows allows for a great deal of light which will brighten up the interior of your home.  This can be a great area to place indoor plants!

Garden windows project outward and provide space for foliage, photos or decor, and are usually located over a kitchen sink or breakfast area.  Garden windows are prefect for the homeowners who are plant and flower lovers or for those wanting to give their space added flair.

Picture Windows can not be opened, but they do cast light into otherwise dark areas of the home and are the ideal complement to a larger set of windows.  A picture window will consist of only one page of glass.  They can be rectangular or square and are nonoperational.  Picture windows are also extremely energy efficient.

Geometric Windows

For homes that require more creative window shapes and designs, geometric windows add character and individuality to your home, making a lasting impact and available in many geometric shapes.  They completely transform your space with their decorative flair.  Use these windows to create a focal point in your home or to add more light to an area.

Architectural Windows also offer many benefits

  • Improved Energy Efficiency
  • Superior Aesthetics
  • Premium Materials
  • Greater Design Flexibility

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