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Bi-fold Doors – Inwards or Outwards?

Bi-fold Doors – Inwards or Outwards?

The fact that bi-fold doors fold open is one of their major benefits because they save space as they open. But there are different types of folding doors, with some opening outwards and others opening inwards.

The good news is that you can specify how the doors fold open and whether an inwards movement is right for you or an outward movement. Inward folding doors are a possibility, but ones that open outwards are a more popular choice.

Opting for inward folding doors:

  • Swallow space in the room – if you want to maximize space in the room, you could also consider sliding doors or, if your heart is set on bi-fold doors, then opting for an outward opening will optimize indoors space.
  • No drips on interior flooring – if you open the doors when wet, you’ll have annoying drips on the interior floor of your home. But with an outward opening mechanism, you negate this problem.
  • An additional pull handle – if you do opt for an inward opening to this style of door, you’ll need an additional pull handle. Not a deal-breaker you may think, but if you want a modern, sleek finish you’ll have an annoying detail.
  • More prone to leaks? – although well-made and of the same quality, there is a likelihood of leaks at the bottom of the doors.

Getting the right bi-fold door for you

It’s helpful to put together a plan of what you want from your bi-fold doors, considering not just how you want them to open but other factors too, such as:

  • Materials – from wood to aluminum, there are a few materials to choose from.
  • Size – bi-fold doors are made with the opening accurately measured to create doors that fit whatever size you request.
  • Number of panels – the more panels you have, the more expensive your bi-fold doors will be.
  • Security – you’ll want your bi-fold doors to have a secure, robust locking system so bear this in mind too.
  • Budget – your budget will affect the type of door you choose but bi-fold doors can be affordable.

When would inward bi-folding doors be suitable?

It’s entirely your choice how your bi-fold doors will open, but if you have a small patio or garden, you may feel that inward opening would suit better. 

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