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Replacement Windows – The Better Option

Replacement Windows - Better Option

There are many good reasons to replace your old windows.  Similar to other components of your home, windows do not last forever and will eventually need to be replaced.   Wood and vinyl windows over 40 years old, even with regular maintenance, may not look as good as they used, and they will never be as energy-efficient as newer products.   New ones won’t be drafty, will not require unsightly storm windows, and will tilt in for easy cleaning.  They will also be more efficient that your old windows. 


To revamp your home’s look, consider installing new windows.  Making your home look beautiful on the outside is one thing, but recent advances in materials and technology have made replacing windows an attractive choice for other reasons as well.  As one of the premier window contractors in the Columbus, Ohio region, you can rely on us to provide you with windows that will fit perfectly.  We will come out and get your custom measurements to ensure that they size of your window is just right.  We will also, provide you with more style options, interior colors and finishes. 


Old windows tend to be drafty, and if you live in a drafty house, you are only too aware of the energy being lost through the walls and/or windows. To compensate, your HVAC system must work overtime, resulting in a significant increase in your utility bills.  Energy efficient windows are an important consideration for both new and existing homes. Heat gain/loss through windows are responsible for 25%-30% of residential heating and cooling energy use.


Damaged windows can allow water to enter your home through small gaps, cracks or holes.  This can damage different parts of your interior and also cause mold and mildew growth.  You can prevent water damage by replacing your impaired windows.


Broken window locks are a security risk.  Let Broadview Windows help you choose the prevent hardware for your new windows. 

Whether you are hiring a professional contractor to install your new windows, or you do it yourself, the more research you do the better prepared you will be to choose the best windows for your location, time frame and budget.  The effects of new home windows are immediate, they increase the value and aesthetic appeal of your home while efficiently maintaining a comfortable temperature.  By making the simple and cost-effective improvement to your home, you will reap the visual and financial rewards for years to come.

To learn more about our wide selection of window replacement options, call Broadview Windows today at (614) 319.4599. You may also use our Quick Quote form to schedule a free in-home consultation. We based in Powell, OH and serve all areas of Central Ohio.



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