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How much does it cost to replace windows in my home?

How much does it cost to replace windows in my home?

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Windows in My Home?

Windows are supposed to last at least two decades but, over time, may get damaged and need replacing. Another reason why you may want to replace your home’s windows is if you simply want a fresh, modern look for your property.

Whatever the reason for wanting new windows for your home, window replacement prices vary widely not only in Ohio but also nationally. Depending on several factors, you’ll need anywhere between $200 and $2500 to replace your windows in Ohio. You’ll probably have to pay around $100 to $650 for the frames and glass alone. In addition, you’ll probably have to pay between $100 and $300 for labor.

The cost of replacing your windows depends on various factors, including your material choice, customization options, desired style, and your home’s unique features. In this post, we’ll break down the factors affecting window replacement to help you set a budget for your next home improvement project.

Factors Affecting Window Replacement Cost

According to AngiesList, it costs about $180 to $409 to replace a single window in your home. This cost varies depending on the window material, customization choices, size, and style. A basic regular window, like a vinyl single-hung window, may cost as little as $200. On the other hand, premium quality wooden windows might cost thousands of dollars.

While budgeting for replacement windows, choose your preferred framing material. Go for one that complements your interior decor and offers adequate insulation in your climate. It's also prudent to consider how many new windows you want. Opting for professional window installation is also recommended, so factor in labor costs.

Window Type

When selecting new window styles for your home, it’s important to consider the prices of each window style in advance. For instance, regular sized double-hung windows cost about $560 to install per window, making them one of the least expensive options. On the flip side, large picture windows cost at least $900 to install per window.

Window styles that require an advanced level of skill to install might also take more labor time, increasing installation costs. Here are the average costs of installing different window styles:

Window Type
Average Installation Cost Per Window
Double-Hung Windows
$388 to $828
Single-Hung Windows
$357 to $760
Awning Windows
$436 to $930
Arched Windows
$345 to $950
Bow Windows
$1,708 to $3,641
Bay Windows
$1,630 to $3,473
Circle Windows
$450 to $1,200
Casement Windows
$556 to $1,186
Garden Windows
$1,350 to $1,800
Egress Windows
$160 to $750
Hopper Windows
$170 to $645
Glass Block Windows
$450 to $1,100
Picture Windows
$568 to $1,211
Jalousie Windows
$175 to $375
Sliding Windows
$734 to $1,565
Skylight Windows
$900 to $2,500
Transom Windows
$293 to $624
Storm Windows
$131 to $280
Sliding Glass Door Windows
$1,070 to $2,690

Remember, most homeowners need to install or replace many windows at a go, sometimes up to 20 to 30 windows in one project. To determine the number of new windows your home needs, book a free estimate consultation with a reputable local window contractor like Broadview Windows & Doors. We’ll pay you a visit, evaluate your needs and make recommendations.

Frame Material

When getting new windows for your home, you have the opportunity to choose from different framing materials like wood, vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass. Each material has a different quality, durability, and price tag.

Here are the average prices of installing different window frame materials. Keep in mind that these prices are based off a regular sized double-hung window. Prices go higher for premium-quality styles.

Window Frame Type
Average Installation Cost Per Window
Wood Windows
$857 to $1,827
Fiberglass Windows
$280 to $596
Vinyl Windows
$350 to $747
Aluminum Windows
$377 to $804
Composite Windows
$950 to $1,800

Window Glass Type

The kind of window glass you pick can help you increase energy efficency in your home and lower your energy bills. Energy-efficient glass lowers heat transfer through the window, which helps reduce your energy consumption during the winter and summer.

In addition to energy savings, glass may also help with privacy, impact resistance, and noise reduction.

The price of replacing glass might range anywhere between $280 and $325. Here are the average prices of window glass replacement today.

Window Glass Type
Average Replacement Cost
Triple Pane Glass
$400 to $700
Double Pane Glass
$200 to $600
Single Pane Glass
$100 to $400
Gas-Filled Glass
$375 to $1,000
Low E Glass
$350 to $850
Tempered Glass
$175 to $600
Laminated Glass
$275 to $600
Frosted Glass
$300 to $700


The size of your window also determines the cost of replacing it. It determines the total cost of your new windows by affecting the price of material and installation. For instance, installing a large bay window requires more than two window installation experts–which increases installation costs.

Window Location

It takes more labor to install windows upstairs or on the basement than on the ground floor. So, the more labor required, the more you’ll have to pay.

Number of Window Panes

Having more window panes means your home will be better protected from external noise and temperatures. Naturally, multipane windows will cost much more to install than single or double pane windows.

Below are the average prices of installing different numbers of window panes.

Number of Panes
Average Installation Price per Window
Triple Pane Glass
$500 to $2,000
Double Pane Glass
$450 to $1,000
Single Pane Glass
$150 to $400

Others Factors Affecting Replacement Window Costs

Several other factors can also affect the cost of replacing your windows. Here are the main ones:


You can expect to pay an average of between $70 and $150 per window installation for most regular sized types of windows. However, labor costs for window replacement may vary by your type of window, your home’s location, and how long your project takes. Most contractors charge by the hour.

If your window replacement requires more skilled contractors familiar with installing more complicated or larger types of windows (e.g large arched windows, bay windows, or garden windows), you’l have to pay more for installation.

Material Disposal

Many window installation experts include material cleanup and disposal in their estimates. They’ll efficiently dispose of installation materials, old windows, and trash. Find out from your installer if they charge for these services.

Home Age

The age of a home can increase the cost of labor because older homes often have structural problems or non-standard window sizes that require more intricate installation.

Replacement vs. New Installation

It’s less expensive to replace your windows than to install them during construction. You’ll save money by opting for retrofit replacements rather than full-frame windows.

Window Brands

The cost of replacement windows varies widely not only by material, type, and customization choices but also by brand. You can expect to pay much more premium brands like Pella or Andersen and high-end materials and styles. Warranty length will also affect the cost.


Depending on your choice of window, you might need extra weatherproofing or insulation to increase the window’s efficiency. These updates seal off gaps, helping prevent water damage or air leaks, and improving the overall level of temperature and comfort in your home.

Structural Repairs

Apart from window replacement, you might need drywall, or window frame or window trim repair. All structural material around your windows must be in top shape. If your contractor recommends repairs, this will add to your project cost.

Energy Efficient Upgrades

New home windows come with several energy efficient features, including triple-paned or double-paned glass, argon gas, high ENERGY STAR ratings, sound proofing, low e coatings, etc.

All these bespoke options will make your windows more energy-efficient and low your future energy bills. Remember, the more energy efficiency features a window has, the more it costs to install. However, the long-term energy savings are definitely worth the initial cost.

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